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Our fast-moving, fun and innovative workshops for schools and other youth organisations are a sure-fire hit with young people from all backgrounds.  

These workshops will boost the self-confidence and fire the aspirations of your young people. Plus they can count on heaps of inspiration and guidance courtesy of our experienced and skilled workshop leaders who are located all over the UK.

Our aim at Fusion Extreme 

We aim to raise the self-confidence and aspirational levels of each person who takes part in our workshops, leaving them feeling that they have achieved and learnt something new. We do this by delivering enjoyable and engaging creative workshops in formal and non-formal education settings.



BMX workshops offer action packed practical sessions for around 60 School pupils per day, including all equipment.

The workshops seek to boost children's confidence, encouraging them to use the growth mindset messages from the assembly talk to complete a range of BMX trick challenges.


Children learn how to find courage to overcome the fear behind each trick, to change language to self motivate and leave empowered to embrace challenge in other areas of life/school.



Freerunning & Parkour workshops it aims to develop the functional strength and fitness, balance, spatial awareness, agility, coordination, precision, control and creative vision that are required to achieve the movement, whilst at the same time aiming to build confidence, determination, self-discipline and self-reliance, and a responsibility for one’s actions.



Skateboarding workshops offer action packed practical sessions for around 60 School pupils per day, including all equipment. Inspire your pupils and watch their confidence grow.


Pupils will learn all about skateboarding, how to skate safely, and the importance of perseverance.


Our workshops and lessons can be centred to focus on and meet a number of curriculum areas.



Our Graffiti Workshops are an amazing way to get children thinking, working and engaging whilst having lots and lots of fun from start to finish. This workshop is great for children aged 7 old upwards through to teens.



Beatbox workshops are of course great for enhancing or inspiring creativity but they are also fantastic for building confidence and self-esteem. Over these creative sessions, pupils will learn the 3 fundamental beatbox sounds, sound effects, musical instrument sounds, breathing techniques, listening techniques, rhythms and beat patterns, lyric writing skills, music composition skills and performance skills.

Image by Anna Frizen


Breakdance / Street dance  workshops for young people to learn about the foundations of Streetdance and Breakdance and to learn some cool moves and a routine as well as take part in a jamming dance-off session at the end.The session will start with some dance related games and introductions, followed by a warm-up, then on to the Breakdance moves, including a breakdown of the 4 key elements in breakdancing, Toprocks – Footwork – Power – Freezes.

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