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We create and produce extraordinary live events , stunt shows and festivals using extreme sports and urban arts. We are passionate about what we do, and we love sharing our expertise. Whether that’s creating bespoke stunt shows and performances for crowds, both virtually and live, creating activations for our clients to launch and promote brands and products, to helping companies create dynamic and inspirational marketing opportunities.  


Most importantly, we deliver experiences that have no limits to inspire and motivate. We push the physical limits, bring brands to life, make people laugh, cheer and celebrate.


Meet & Greets

After our performances the public get the chance to meet the team and have photos and siginatures from the team on one of our Fusion Extreme posters free of charge to everyone that watches our stunt shows at all of our events.



We offer our fast-moving, fun and innovative workshops after each performance selected as an optional activity. We aim to raise the self-confidence and aspirational levels of each person who takes part in our workshops, leaving them feeling that they have achieved and learnt something new. We do this by delivering enjoyable and engaging creative workshops in formal and non-formal education settings.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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“HaI have known Matti for a number of years. He has delivered displays and workshops as prizes for winning schools in Sustrans competitions. He has never disappointed and is very flexible in arrangements. I like the way he works with the children, making them feel important, rather than it being all about him and his team. The creation of Fusion Extreme is really exciting and I'm hoping to reward schools with some of the new packages. He is a thoroughly grounded, friendly and personable person. It is a pleasure to do business with him and his team. I can't recommend him enough.”

Roger Dutton

Sustrans Schools officer

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