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Fusion Extreme Scooter performances bring a highly  array of skills and tricks, the Scooter riders are true engineers who combine and bring together all the elements of this action packed sport. 


You can use this amazing show at an urban show, exhibitions, functions, festivals and events. This kind of act is icing on the cake in terms of delivering the most outstanding extreme sports experience.


Not only are our Scooter riders professional and globally acclaimed, they are highly entertaining and add an element of fun to every performance. They are well equipped to commentate, navigate and guide their audiences through each and every show.


Using the ramps and boxes providing in Fusion Extreme's show rig, our Scooter riders glide, grind, flip and perform incredible stunts. All that will need to be provided is a flat, smooth surface for the show to take place on.


The shows include a 2 x Professional Scooter riders, Compere and PA. Shows last up to 30 minutes each and can be performed 4 x a day. 

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