We offer a range of inspiring and motivating activities specifically designed for education settings and holiday programmes. We do shows, sports academies, presentations and after school clubs for both primary and secondary schools. We can cater for any size school and budget.

school shows

Fusion Extreme provides school shows all across the UK. Doing in excess of over 200 individual school shows a year with a highly praised assembly show format.

Fusion Extreme shows are educational and designed to grab the children’s attention, with a unique format that incorporates the amazing stunts with positive messages in an inspirational talk. We aim to encourage the children to stay healthy, fit and active. While remembering safety messages about the key sports shown, always wearing a helmet and the importance of practice to achieve their goals.

Our shows support the national curriculum encouraging communication, team work, health, and numeracy.

Shows can include a range of different athletes from different backgrounds, including BMX Flatland, BMX Ramp Riding, Mountain Bike Trials. We can also include Beatboxers, Free Runners and Breakdancers to really inspire and provide a fun experience for all. 

Shows are typically 45 minutes and take place during the school assembly. We can visit a number of schools in one area over one day to ensure the best possible value. We provide all of the equipment and professionals with clear DBS checks. Our Safeguarding Policy ensures that all those we work with are safe and suitable for working with children and young people.


All thats required is a flat, smooth space to set up our rig. This can either be on a playground,Sports Field or a assembly hall in a sports hall.


Fusion Extreme athletes are highly skilled, motivated and successful people, ideal for giving advice and inspiration to the next generation. We can give engaging assemblies with interesting stories, videos and insights into a professional athletes' lifestyle. We focus on what it takes to be successful in any field and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

We make sure that everything we do and talk about can relate directly to the children’s own interests whether it may be a creative, sporty or academic we help prove that perseverance and dedication is the key to success.

academies in school holidays

Fusion Extreme supports the next generation of aspiring athletes. During school holiday's our pro athletes and artists run day long academies for 8 - 11 year olds. During the day, those involved get to work in small groups to have quality time learning from our pro's. 

The day is split into 3 sections - 

- team building and creating a positive space 

- working with one of the Fusion Extreme team members to learn new tricks and disciplines 

- working with a second member of the Fusion Extreme team to learn a different art form or sport.

At the end of the daytime skills and tricks learnt are shown to friends and family.

Our academies not only teach sporting skills and techniques, but encourage team work, communication, confidence and self-esteem. Above all, we have fun and ensure that the days are accessible for all to take part in. 

Fusion Extreme Academies include BMX Flatland, as well as either Beatboxing, Free Running, Graffiti or Breakdancing. We provide all of the equipment needed. All the children and young people need to bring is snacks, lunch and a drink. A day is typically 9am - 3pm.

school workshops

Along side our assembly displays, we also run class size coaching workshops that give those involved a chance to try very basic beginner BMX tricks aided by our top professionals. We have a skill course with small ramps and obstacles to try out some of the techniques seen during the show. Its great fun and exercise that builds confidence and balance on a bike, and is something all who take part in can really can learn from.

We cover multiple schools in one day by scheduling a structure for touring in a localised area.


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