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Fusion Extreme mini ramp is great for public participation and works well for riders of all ages and abilities across all the wheeled sports.


This ramp is available for dry hires as well as being available as part of a package, which can include pro demonstrations and/or workshops.

The mini ramp requires reasonably level ground and an area of 5.6 x 10m including a 1m safety zone around the ramp.



Skateboarders perform flips on skateboards that move underneath their feet, whilst leaping from or up obstacles as they catch the board smoothly.  They will kickflip between obstacles and perform grinds and board slides while our compere works the crowd.

Scooter Show

Fusion Extreme Scooter performances bring a highly  array of skills and tricks, the Scooter riders are true engineers who combine and bring together all the elements of this action packed sport. ​

Scooter Acts.webp

BMX Show

BMX jump box and ramp show launches our world class professional riders into the air to perform breathtaking stunts. As the show continues, you will see truly amazing stunts, real competition level moves from some of the best extreme sports athletes in the UK, including no handers, back flips, front flips, supermans, tailwhips, 360 and 720 spins!


Our 6ft Mini Ramp is big enough for the pro riders to go to town on, but not so big that it intimidates beginners. This is a great ramp for events of all sizes and works well for workshops as well as pro skate or BMX shows.

We have the best professional riders in the U.K and Europe available to ride our events. For both skateboarding and BMX. England has a rich history of world class riders, and we’re proud to have some of the most impressive on our books. 

Half Pipe Shows
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