The way that people spend their time and consume content has changed, and the way brands and advertisers invest to reach them is changing too. 

Fusion Extreme has been involved with some of the world’s largest, most innovative organisations and broadcasters, looking to engage those of all ages. We work together to create unforgettable campaigns utilising our service, ambassadors, and expertise. 

We do all of this by providing the highest quality of athletes and managers that create a tailored experience around your budget and needs.


Fusion Extreme has appeared in a wide variety of media and promotional projects, and with over 10 years of experience in the industry.


We can help you to deliver cutting edge extreme sports athletes that are visually impressive and impactful on film and in a variety of media.. ​


Our ambition is to provide a full package of services to create the ultimate extreme sports experience. These include; working alongside directors and producers to add realism to films, photography shoots and events, script writing and storyboarding for our athletes, set and costume, and performance direction. Together, we pride ourselves in being able to add the details that ensure authenticity to all shots.






We represent some of the best extreme sports athletes in the UK, and can ensure you have the best possible fit for your casting. whether you're looking for sports athletes or specialist to help you create your vision, we can help. Fusion Extreme strive to continually find the rising stars within the extreme sports industry so that we can continually provide the finest talent to showcase. We have a network of extreme sports stars located across the UK, as well as having access to stars all across the globe. This means no matter where the location, we can supply you with world class talent. From Freerunning to BMX, Freestyle basketball to breakdancers, Fusion Extreme's team has the wow factor to give your shoot the extreme edge you're looking for.