Matti Hemmings is a Professional BMX Flatland rider, 3 x Guinness World Record Holder, who competes and performs shows at the highest level all over the world. Matti is renowned for dedicating his years of riding to pushing boundaries and has invented signature moves, whilst building his own unique style.

Matti is also the Managing Director of Fusion Extreme, which he founded in April 2019, bringing together a wide range of Extreme Sports and Urban Arts into stunt shows and workshops. It's the  UK's Premier alternative entertainment and action sports show provider, fusing art and sport, doing in excess of 250 individual shows a year!


Known for staring in the hit kids TV show on Nickelodeon, 'Get your skills on', Matti is passionate about pushing the boundaries, including breaking records, and finding the next generation of extreme sports athletes to inspire and motivate.


Matti has over 13 years experience of working with well known companies to support their marketing an brand awareness. He has also helped start ups by sharing his creative vision and knowledge of the extreme sports industry.