Frequently asked questions

What size area do you need for a show?

A 15m X 10m area is ideal but if space is limited it’s not a problem, we can work around your requirements. Please do be aware those that the different disciplines require different areas and needs from the areas. For example, BMX Flatland needs a very smooth surface, where as the BMX Ramp and Mountain Bike Trials need larger areas for their tricks, including heaight. For these shows we'd recommend a 20m X 20m area, although exceptions can be made.This is for the ultimate Fusion Extreme experience.

What surface do you need to perform on?

Any surface it’s not a problem. We have worked on grass, tarmac, concrete, wood chippings and asphalt in the past. BMX Flatland will needa a smooth, non-sloped surface.

Do you have event insurance?

Yes, we are comprehensively insured for running events, stunt shows, coaching workshops and competitions. We take great care in managing risk and do the utmost to keep everyone involved within a carefully managed level of risk. Our Public Liability cover is up to £5mil.

What happens if it rains?

Most of the time we can work through light drizzle and showers by using specialist coatings on our performance ramps and making extra efforts to dry off the stunt show area. If the rain is heavy and persistent, we are not able to perform our stunt shows as there is an increased risk of injury to our team members.

Can you offer themed or bespoke stunt show options?

Yes, if you have a specific theme for your event we can alter our appearance, the teams outfits and event arena. Alterations and bespoke event options must be paid for by the booking agent or client.

What do you need from us to do your job?

We need a completed and returned booking form, followed by a signed agreement. 20% of the agreed fee will be invoiced for as a non-refundable deposit for the work. Ahead of the event / workshop, we will need to be able to access the event location prior to the event to sign off on venue conditions and adequate space. We require unrestricted access to load and off load our event equipment into the demo arena site. We also need access to power (13 amp plug sockets) where possible and the provision of crowd control barriers to surround our event arena. Your event / company should have its own isurance to cover the event and complete a full risk assesment of the event, which should be provided to Fusion Extreme at least 1 week ahead of the event, so that we can incorporate into our own risk assessments. We will need access to your first aid provisions in the event of an accident. We require a dedicated member of the venues team to liaise with before, during and after the event for information. If your event will have a large crowd in attendance, we will require additional staff to help secure our area.

Can you provide stunt riders for filming projects / TV / media campaigns?

Yes, our team are available to hire for specific and bespoke event solutions. We can provide stunt athletes, ramps and other event solutions to allow you to meet your client’s needs.

What scale of event can you entertain for?

We have performed our stunt shows to a few hundred, up to several thousand spectators at any one time. If you are looking to have your crowd amazed, inspired, and to talk about your event for years to come, we’re a sure bet to do that for you.

How long do stunt shows last?

A typical stunt show will last 20 - 30 minutes. Depending on the needs of your event or the running schedule. We can shorten or lengthen these show times to allow a smooth and flowing running order for your event. We can run up to 4 shows per day.

What happens if there’s an accident?

Our team are professionals and are highly trained and skilled in their performing realm. Should any of the team take an unexpected fall, we will have crowd barriers in place to protect the crowd. Members our team are emergency first aid response trained and can support our injured along with keeping records. Should we need more than basic first aid, we will require access to a venues first aid provisions. The event / client will be expected to provide all needed first aid to audience members / spectators. Our specialist insurance covers our extreme shows and workshops, including public liability. We also encourage all of our athletes to have their own insurance. Risk assessments are carried out ahead of each show and workshop. All those involved are contracted to adhere to the Health and Safety policies of the organisation.

When and how many shows do you perform a day?

This is entirely up to the event’s organiser. Normally we perform 1 – 4 shows a day depending on the events schedule.

Any other questions?

If your question hasn't been asnwered on our website or in the above answers please contact us directly here.

Do you have to pay a deposit?

Yes, we require a 10% deposit when booking.