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Fusion Extreme Basketball / Streetball, over the years has evolved to become one of the most internationally recognised sports, and Fusion Extreme has taken it to a whole new level with it's mind-blowing skills and its unique entertaining basketball freestyle show, that will leave any audience gasping.


Fusion Extreme freestyle basketball shows combines incredible tricks, skill and artistic flare to create the ultimate display in urban sport entertainment.


These shows and displays can be performed by individual freestylers or as a group to provide the maximum visual impact.


The shows can be choreographed to suit the needs and wants of all potential clients and due to the nature of basketball freestyle no equipment is needed so our shows prove to be very popular, adaptable and versatile.


Performed on a flat surface, ideal in a sports hall or hard surface indoors or outdoors. No other equipment is need for this incredible show.


Shows last up to 30 minutes each, can be performed 4 x a day, and includes a compere and PA system. We can also run have ago basketball workshops after each performance.

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